[English] Venting: Hogging public chargers

Re: [English] Venting: Hogging public chargers

Beitragvon teutocat » Mi 20. Jul 2016, 00:47

Zoidberg hat geschrieben:
... A local Tesla Model S (telling from its licence plate) was parked in front of the Triple Charger. Without beeing plugged in! Keep in mind he is only able to charge max 22 kW with Type 2 ...

Model S is capable of DC charging up to 40 or 50kW using CHAdeMO adaptor :klugs:
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Re: [English] Venting: Hogging public chargers

Beitragvon Zoidberg » Mi 20. Jul 2016, 10:22

Good point, but well, he wasn't charging at all... :o
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Re: [English] Venting: Hogging public chargers

Beitragvon mishunator » Mi 20. Jul 2016, 16:42

Zoidberg hat geschrieben:
Maybe that would be another option for your next job at Mainova chargers in Frankfurt...

LOL, good one!

But really, I was thinking last night (sick!) to lease land in towns from authorities, a car park and make either:

a) residential charging: 30-40 7kW chargers in one location; people can use to charge overnight in areas with multi-unit buildings.

b) in-transit charging: 10-15 chargers, single-standard units (I don't think you'd like to wait for my Zoe to finish charging on Type 2 so you can use the Chademo head), from 22kW to 50kW or more. And a container-cafe next to it, with wi-fi. Or retool a gas station.

Access to the charging area only with smart card. Pay per kWh (Ecotricity UK charges £6 for 30 mins regardless of which car you have) and not too much either - hopefully cheaper than RWE. In case of b), I'd make a software to identify from the smart card which car the user has (car profile) and which chargers suits best and only activate those charger; and since the charger could in theory detect 80% charge for a Leaf or 99% charge in a Zoe R240, I'd allow the user 15 more minutes from that threshold and then will penalize them by charging double the parking rate in the area.

This way, I think, most of the users will find it more rewarding to move their car and allow others to charge.

Yeah, I think it'll be Mainova... LOL
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