Ladesäule aus China

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Ladesäule aus China

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charging station
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10 Piece/Pieces
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Mr. Vi Kryvoru
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Ecotech e.U.
[ Austria ]
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Place of Origin: Austria Brand Name: power charger Model Number: PC 400
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: packed
Delivery Detail: 10 weeks
Electric charging station for electric cars

POWER CHARGER PC 400 is an intelligent, network-and customer-friendly charging spot for
public and semi-public areas.
PC 400 has been developed according to the standard IEC 61851-1 2010, 2nd edition with Mode
2 and Mode 3-charge options, with pilot contact, load control via PWM, and communication between
customers and operators via GPRS or LAN, web and SMS. Access to the power charge station
through mobile phone is possible via Windows and Apple apps.
PC 400 is also a fast charger with the charging output of 22kW (400V AC, 32A). With HPC 400
qualified cars (eg. Renault ZOE) could be charged within one hour.
Customer authorization can be done via SMS or RFID, and / or by ATM or credit card. It is possible
to connect up to 16 additional charging spots (HPC 300) to HPC 400 in order to achieve the most
cost-effective solutions for garages or other parking lots.
The PC 400 is offered in three versions:
PC 400-Solo - for wall or pole mounting
PC 400-Pole - Stand-alone solution with LED RGB signals
PC 400-Mira charger - Model with LED street lighting
The following modifications of HPC 400 can be ordered.
1. PC 400: (standard version): Charging Station with RFID authorization, two lockable sockets:
1 * CEE for mode 2-charge and 1 * Type 2 for mode 3-charge, load management via PWM,
LAN communication, and an RGB LED signal on the top.
2. PC 400-K: Differs from the PC 400 through additional authorization payment possibilities via
debit and/or credit cards, and parking tickets. The option to bill on site makes the use of the
power charging station possible for non-registered customers as well.
3. By extending the PC 400 with the Wall box, HPC 300 , this version is the most cost effective
solution for use in garages and parking lots.
Depending on your requirements we use galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum for the
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Mr. Vi Kryvoru Ecotech e.U.
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charging station
Electric charging station for electric cars
Min. Order: 10 Piece/Pieces
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Foto läßt sich leider nicht kopieren. Wäre interessant wieviel die Ladesäule kostet ?
Wie viel Spass macht dein Auto ?
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Re: Ladesäule aus China

Beitragvon Blaubär » Mi 27. Jun 2012, 15:24

Laut der Internetseite sitzt die Firma aber in Österreich...
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Re: Ladesäule aus China

Beitragvon STEN » Sa 7. Jul 2012, 11:07

Hier das Bild:
already BildBild
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Re: Ladesäule aus China

Beitragvon rolandk » Do 22. Mai 2014, 20:44

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Re: Ladesäule aus China

Beitragvon zitic » Fr 23. Mai 2014, 20:33

Ja, auf wenn es vielleicht eine chinesische Firma ist, die für die Plattform verantwortliche zeichnet, auf Alibaba können nicht nur Chinesen ihre Produkte anbieten :lol:
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