MIT: Patent-Analyse: Batterien kein heisses Forschungsfeld

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MIT: Patent-Analyse: Batterien kein heisses Forschungsfeld

Beitragvon AQQU » Mo 20. Apr 2015, 13:15

Engineers at MIT have devised a formula for estimating how fast a technology is advancing, based on information gleaned from relevant patents. The researchers determined the improvement rates of 28 different technologies. They searched through the U.S. Patent Office database for patents associated with each domain — more than 500,000 total — by developing a novel method to quickly and accurately select the patents that best represent each technology. Among the 28 domains analyzed, the researchers found the fastest-developing technologies include optical and wireless communications, 3-D printing, and MRI technology, while domains such as batteries, wind turbines, and combustion engines appear to be improving at slower rates.

Quelle: MIT Newsroom - Supercharger-flat beim Kauf eines neuen Teslas: Coupon-Code „oliver7046“
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