Hat mal gerade jemand 1 Mio Pfund?

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Hat mal gerade jemand 1 Mio Pfund?

Beitragvon marxx » Sa 5. Sep 2015, 08:20

Das hier habe ich gerade bei Ebay UK gefunden:

"Infinite" Range for Electric Cars Trucks & Other Vehicles

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Infinite-Rang ... 2ca0a29aa0

Ein kleines Risko, OK ... Aber dafür die Gewissheit, dass Cornwall eine "sporsts arena" bekommt. Und das Reichweitenproblem (vielleicht) gelöst ist :roll:



Revolutionary Electric Transport (Sale of Intellectual Property & Rights)

Many will agree that electrically powered vehicles provide a clean, efficient, cheap and environmentally friendly future for personal and industrial transport. The problem, and it’s a big problem, is range. Even with the best battery technology available today there are significant limits on what can realistically be achieved whilst still being acceptable or desirable to those used to petrol or diesel powered vehicles.

There are alternative of course, hybrids, fuel cells and charging stations at services, but they all have significant drawbacks and show no real signs of catching on in mainstream use.

Battery technology seems to have reached a plateau as well. Lithium derived batteries have improved weight to capacity ratios to a sort of usable level but there is no sign of a step-change breakthrough any time soon.

· What if there was a way to largely remove range restrictions and have electric vehicles able to travel very long distances, possibly without needing to stop at all save for the occupants’ comfort ?

· What if that could be achieved with existing technology and a little ingenuity ?

· And what if this new system could also integrate business models as a viable replacement for pay as you buy liquid fuels ?

We believe that it’s possible.

We are selling the intellectual rights to a methodology to potentially achieve the above. We don’t have the finance, facilities, or time to register patents, do the necessary research and turn these outline plans into reality.

The outline plans and all future rights to patents and licensing are available to buy.

It is a risk. We can’t guarantee that our ideas will lead to an economically viable system but the logic of our proposals is sound and all the required technology already exists. It’s the idea and the way to utilise that technology that is for sale here.

If a buyer can develop our proposals to viability and public utilisation then there could be the possibility of licensing and direct usage revenue that would make our price totally insignificant.

There are two proposed methodologies to achieve the same goal.

One using solid, established technology that would obviously work but is not the most finessed solution.

The other needs some research & development to determine its viability but could be a superbly elegant system with many benefits.

Both use existing battery technology.

Both offer a side benefit of making auto drive vehicles a more realistic possibility.

What exactly is for sale ?

Outline design ideas for a means to significantly extend the range of electric battery powered vehicles.

Full and sole intellectual rights including the opportunity to patent and licence any developments from our ideas.

Option for our participation or consultation in any research and development project if required (fees negotiable)

Limitations ?

No further detail will be made available prior to payment in order to protect our intellectual property. We appreciate that this means a risk for any prospective buyer, but with the potential of enormous benefits. The ideas are genuine and come from a very experienced scientist and professional engineer with a track record of innovation and development. We are not making any promises of technical or commercial viability.

£1 million GBP. Payable as one half up front followed by the balance if patents are filed.

Proceeds will be used to fund a community sports arena in Cornwall, UK

NB: Just so we're absolutely clear about what you get for your money - you will receive a document containing the written methodology of the above proposed system and a witnessed document confirming that I waive all claim to any intellectual rights for the ideas contained therein. What you do with it after that is entirely up to you.
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Re: Hat mal gerade jemand 1 Mio Pfund?

Beitragvon Kim » Sa 5. Sep 2015, 10:10

Ideen hab ich ja auch viele.
Und wie ich sehe, bin ich nicht der Einzige, der damit ständig an dieser lässtigen 1 Mio £ - Hürde scheitert...
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Re: Hat mal gerade jemand 1 Mio Pfund?

Beitragvon Elektrolurch » Sa 5. Sep 2015, 10:19

Also für 1 Mio £ verrate ich dir - strukturiert aufgeschrieben, bebildert und bechartet - woran das liegt... ;)
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