Ford gibt Patente frei, aber nicht wirklich...

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Ford gibt Patente frei, aber nicht wirklich...

Beitragvon Toumal » Di 2. Jun 2015, 12:17

As you probably know by now, last summer, Elon Musk announced that he was freeing up all of Tesla's patents. He pointed out that he didn't believe patents made any sense, and they especially didn't make sense in the electric vehicle space where they were clearly holding innovation back. Because some investors still couldn't comprehend this -- and assumed (for months!) that there must be some sort of catch, earlier this year Musk clarified that, yes, he really, really meant it, and Tesla's patents were totally free. No need to obtain a license. No need to pay a fee. No need to talk to or tell Tesla about it -- just go and innovate.

Earlier this week, Ford made an announcement claiming that it, too, was opening up its patents -- but the details show that this is a lot more hype and PR than substance. First, unlike Tesla, it's not all of its patents, but rather a specific portfolio of electric vehicle patents. Second, and much more importantly, it's not open. At all. You still have to license them and you still have to pay. ... s-it.shtml

Grossartig. In dem Artikel gibts dann auch eine lange Liste mit den ganzen News-Sites die Ford ohne nachdenken auf den Leim gegangen sind ;)
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