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Uniti One
Uniti One  
Produktionszeitraum: 2019 Show Car's
2020 NO & UK
2021 DACH
2022 US
Fahrzeugsegment: Kleinstwagen  
– Batteriekapazität –
◾ brutto: ? kWh
◾ netto: ca 26 kWh
AC-Ladestecker: Typ2  


Motoren: 120 kW Heckantrieb  
Leergewicht: ca 900 kg  


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Experience our innovative cockpit design and digital vehicle controls designed to be as easy, intuitive and fun as using your smartphone.

100% Electric

Skip the petrol station and save trips to the charging station with plenty of single-charge range to get you where you need to go.

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Feel secure having our comprehensive sensor suite and intelligent safety technologies (ADAS) help you avoid crashes before they happen.

Sustainably Built

Gain peace of mind knowing our choice of vehicle materials and manufacturing processes will do their part to reduce our carbon footprint.

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