Bms control over amp discharge

Alles rund um die Batterie und Reichweite des Renault ZOE

Bms control over amp discharge

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DDT4All und CanZE Beta, but thats not the Topic here!

I think i remember the User RolandK wrote something about that it should be no Problem to access and drain Power from the 400V DC Busbars in the Charger or PEB and that the Displays show the correct messures and all is fine. However since this is clearly an area only for professionals who do know what to do anyways this is not that openly discussed on this forums here...
The CanZE Website has some insights on the Power Electronics.
If you want to keep it simple, just stay with the 14V DC-DC Supply as mentioned before.

To avoid live-uplink to Renault, you can simply remove the TCU and there will be no online communication.
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Re: Bms control over amp discharge

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I have touched a ZOE where the owner "ammended" the entire battery with roughly the same size, build from cells of second hand bicycle 18650 cells in the boot. It was a nifty project, but it scared the *e** out of me. I have never published the pictures.....
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