Solar charging by means of a power manager

Solar charging by means of a power manager

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folder Di 14. Aug 2018, 20:11
Hello all,

In my country (the Netherlands) we nowadays are having a system where you can supply PV-power to the grid and take power from the grid for the same rates (it is called : "salderingsregeling").
However this system will come to an end in a few years.
From then on, you will be paying about € 0,20/kWh for what you will be using from the grid and you will be getting payed around € 0,06 for power you will be supplying to the grid.
So it is becoming more important to use a maximum of the produced solar power directly (so whithout using the grid as temporary "storage").
We have a net zero energy house. See: (in Dutch).
This is including heat pump for heating and DHW and the consumption of two electric cars, being a BMW-i3 and VW-E-Up.

I want to build a power management system by means of a PLC, with following inputs:
• consumed power i3
• consumed power E-up
• consumed power rest of the house (appliances, heat-pump, lighting, etc.)
• produced PV-power
and an output (0-10V) to be used for
• controlling the charging power of the cars (only one car is (nowadays)/ will (in the future) be charged at the same time)
So for this I will need a charger from which the charging power can be controlled by means of a 0-10V input signal.
The chargers that we are using now have a maximum power of 2.3 kW (10 Amps at 230 V). Which is fine for us.
Does anyone know of a charger that I could build, using this 0-10V input signal for powercontrol?

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Re: Solar charging by means of a power manager

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folder So 19. Aug 2018, 21:48
You can try the wallbox from myenergi, ordered mine a few days ago, didnt arrive, yet.

The product is called Zappi and it most of the features you requested, as long as you'll be happy with one phase 32A only (7KW). This device will monitor the leftover power and will adapt the load on the charger.

It will not keep track of each different car and you should add a dedicated power meter, just to make sure.

Building such a device from scratch will need a hell lot of knowledge, you need at least a digital power meter with a d0 port, a software to keep track of the current energy flow (from inverter and power meter), a computer (for ex. a raspi), a software which can connect to the wallbox (for ex. a phoenix connect charge controller) and modify the power while reading the device data. i dont know of any precreated software, so you need at least decent programming skills.

Re: Solar charging by means of a power manager

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folder So 19. Aug 2018, 22:31
there is an open-source-Project including an only PV-Charging-mode:
ladeequipment/openwb-modulare-wallbox-l ... 31288.html
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