Ladeverhalten R240 vs. Q210

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Re: Ladeverhalten R240 vs. Q210

Beitragvon Twizyflu » Sa 6. Feb 2016, 13:38

Naja so war es bei meinem Q210 damals. Das werden sicher andere bestätigen.
Man weiß ja nicht wie sich der R240 verhält oder ob hier das BMS ein wenig anders arbeiten lässt...
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Re: Ladeverhalten R240 vs. Q210

Beitragvon jmeijer » Sa 6. Feb 2016, 14:18

I am probably considered a very stubborn man, so be it.........

As the battery is definitely the same, and as the BMS (LBC and LBC2) are embedded in the battery pack, I doubt they are programmed differently.

What we've noticed is that when the charger reports 43 kW, the care is tricked into believing it is hooked to a 22 kW charger, no more, no less, see So a difference in the BCB programming (complete new hardware anyway) is far more likely.

Temperature effects are VERY steep indeed, so it is not very useful to compare with "roughy the same" temperatures. 1 degree can make a whopping 2 kW difference in max charging power. I can't remember if I have posted the approximation sheet here, so pardon me if this is a double post: ... sp=sharing
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