How long will the lithium battery last?

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How long will the lithium battery last?

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Nowadays, e-bikes are becoming more and more high-end and intelligent.The research and development and manufacturing technology of electric bicycle are progressing continuously and the manufacturing technology is becoming more and more mature.But there is a disadvantage, but has been restricting the development of electric vehicles, that is the core of electric bicycles - "lithium battery"!
New and high technologies are constantly developing and innovating. In the field of lithium battery research and development and application, lithium battery has various advantages.
Lithium battery is a kind of battery which is made of lithium metal or lithium alloy as negative electrode material and USES non-aqueous electrolyte solution.Due to the chemical characteristics of lithium metal is very lively, so that lithium metal processing, preservation, use, environmental requirements are very high.Therefore, lithium battery has not been used for a long time.With the development of science and technology, lithium battery has become the mainstream now, theoretically speaking, the cycle life of "lithium battery" is about 600 times, please look at the specific below!
Can the lithium battery life of electric bicycle last for 5 years?
Correct statement: lithium battery life can be used for 5 years and the number of completion of the charging cycle, and the number of charging is not directly related.A simple way to think about it, for example, is that a lithium battery USES half its energy on the first day, and then recharges it.If this is still the case the next day, you can use half of the charge, and the total two charges down, this can only count as one charging cycle, rather than two.As a result, it usually takes several charges to complete a cycle.With each charge cycle completed, the amount of charge decreases a little bit.However, the reduction is very small, and high-quality batteries retain 80% of their original charge after many cycles, which is why many lithium-ion products are still used after three or four years.Of course, lithium battery life will eventually need to be replaced.
The theoretical life of lithium battery is about 600 charging cycles.Assuming that the quantity of electricity provided by a complete discharge is Q, if the reduction of the quantity of electricity after each charging cycle is not taken into account, the lithium battery can provide or supplement about 600Q of electricity in its lifetime.So we know that if you charge 1/2 every time, you can charge 1,000 times or so;If you fill it one-third of the time, you can do it about 1,500 times.Similarly, if the charging is random, The Times are uncertain.Anyhow, no matter how charge, total complement adds 600Q or so electric power this point is constant.Therefore, we can also understand that the life of lithium battery is related to the total charge quantity of the battery, and has nothing to do with the number of charges.The effect of deep discharge and shallow discharge on the life of lithium is not different.
If you want lithium battery life to play to the best, then consumers must understand the "lithium battery" three taboos!
First, temperature: lithium battery is afraid of high temperature.
The second, the big electric current, such as 18650 batteries is 3 c discharge, electric cars is 8000 w, you use the batteries is lower than your electric discharge current, it will lead to the lithium battery temperature is too high, excessive current and short service life, still can appear beat scrap, if your electric power is very big, very fast, and choose 10 c current 18650 batteries, so choose the right batteries obviously is very important!
Third, full of electricity storage: three yuan, lithium, electric electricity is 4.35 V, full protection plate is currently on the market by charging 4.2 V, so a lot of people buy electric lithium battery all say no nominal capacity is much, in fact, it is for this reason, general storage electric lithium battery for a long time, with less than 50 TV the best, you buy a new mobile phone, for example, many of them are up fifty percent of the electricity.If full power storage time is long, lithium battery capacity will be reduced.Except lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate, these two can be fully charged storage, but also need to pay attention to the choice of better quality protection plate, lithium battery is the biggest taboo is overcharge and overdischarge, ternary lithium once overdischarge is scrapped, overcharge must be scrapped.
Pay attention to the above points, your electric bicycle "lithium battery" can be used for 4 to 5 years oh
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