Fastned is raising funds to build stations in Germany

Fastned is raising funds to build stations in Germany

Beitragvon » Di 26. Apr 2016, 13:32

Lieber E-fahrer,

Fastned is currently raising funds to expand its network of fast charging stations outside of the Netherlands - especially into Germany.

Fastned is a fast growing provider and operator of fast charging stations. Fastned has already succesfully built 50 fast charging stations along Dutch highways. For the past 15 months we've seen very encouraging growth. See our first quarter 2016 results here.

Fastned believes great public fast charging infrastructure is crucial for the swift adoption of electric cars. Fast charging stations should (1) be located where people need them (2) always, always work (3) have knowledgeable 24/7 customer support (4) have at least 2 fast chargers per station, and be prepared to rapidly scale up to 4 or 8 fast chargers.

We are working hard to bring these stations to Germany. The current emission of certificates may be an interesting opportunity for German electric car enthusiasts to simultaneously help the development of great public infrastructure in Germany and invest directly in a fast growing company.

Why invest in Fastned now?
-directly invest in a company that is 100% committed to the best fast charging user experience
-accelerate the overall quality of German public charging infrastructure
-certificates of shares are 24/7 tradeable on the Nxchange stock market
-join the Fastned Founders Club by investing EUR 50.000 or more and get lifetime unlimited charging at all Fastned stations

For all relevant information regarding the current emission, our team and our future plans, please see:

Signing up for this limited emission of certificates of shares is possible until May 19th.

We'd like to answer your questions in this thread. Also, feedback and suggestions like great high traffic locations in Germany are always welcome. No problem if you reply in German, if you don't mind us answering in English :)

Kind regards,

The Fastned Team
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Re: Fastned is raising funds to build stations in Germany

Beitragvon Tho » Di 26. Apr 2016, 13:50

Hello Fastned,
expanding your charging network to Germany is a great news. :)
I would be happy if Fastned also consider to place DC stations in eastern part of Germany, especially Region Dresden and Chemnitz is missing DC chargers next to the highway.
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Re: Fastned is raising funds to build stations in Germany

Beitragvon geko » Di 26. Apr 2016, 14:13

That's good news! Two weeks ago I drove from Cologne to Amsterdam. In the Netherlands I could make use of one of your Fastned stations. It was just "WOW". Clean, bright, good design and free wifi. The electric heart beats faster :)

Thumbs up for entering Germany. I wish you good luck!
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Re: Fastned is raising funds to build stations in Germany

Beitragvon AbHotten » Di 26. Apr 2016, 14:52

Hey Fastned team,
just wanted to say, I'm already a investor since early 2015. I hope you succeed and reach your goals in building a sustainable, easily accessable and strong network of tripple standard fast chargers in germany!
Best Regards!
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