Driving Leaf from Oslo to Düsseldorf

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The trip is now done, and we had a good time. After going from Kiel to Düsseldorf, we went into Belgium via The Netherlands. Then furher north i The Netherlands before returning to Germany and driving to the ferry from Puttgarten to Rødby. After that through Denmark to Frederikshavn and the ferry to Gøteborg, and the motorway home to Oslo. Totally driving 2470 km and visiting/sleeping overnight in 5 countries in two weeks.
Our chargings i Germany were as follows:
-Hamburg: Nissan dealer Auto Thomsen. Very helpful, free charging.
-Grundbergsee A1N: Worked ok, free charging.
-Wildeshausen A1N: We drove past the charger on the "rastanlage", and could not go back. Therefore no charging here.
-Quackenbrück: Nissan dealer Trias. Very helpful, free charging and coffee 15 min before closing time.
-Tecklenburg: Because all 4 chargers in this area had been out of order for some time we had booked a hotel here who had promised charging (Bismarchöhe). Free charging.
-Haltern am see: Nissan dealer. Two technisians were working inside the charger, no charging here.
-Resser mark A2: Worked ok,free charging.
-Düsseldorf: Kia dealer Autozentrum. Should be open 24 hours, but gate in front of the charger was locked. No charging.
-Düsseldorf north: Aldi süd, worked ok, free charging.
-Düsseldorg west: Aldi süd, worked ok, free charging.
After returning from The Netherlands:
-Freren: Gasthof Overhoff, charging over night 5€.
-Wildeshausen A1S: Out of order, no charging here.
-Bremen: Ochtum park. Worked ok, free charging.
-Grundbergsee A1S: Worked ok, free charging.
-Hamburg: Nissan dealer Günther, worked ok, free charging.
-Lübeck: Peugeot dealer Algie. Charger was in the garage, an the technisian had to finish repair on 2-3 cars before he would let us in. No charging here.
-Timmendorfer strand: slow charging 1-2 hours paid with PlugSurfing app.
-A "zimmer frei" on the way to Puttgarten. Paid 5€ for the charging.
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